About Us

Chronokinesis Entertainment is a group of creatives in all fields of filmmaking and transmedia who turn vision into reality.


Founder and Executive Producer

In her years of professional writing experience, she has penned everything from non-fiction articles to scripts that have been praised by industry professionals across North America. Willow is a skilled transmedia writer, creating material for comics, digital novels, television and film. She has also done freelance script doctoring, rewrites, and ghost writing for private clients.

Willow manages and coordinates talent and crew at every stage of production, including television, films, live concerts, talent meet & greet events, and variety shows. She is rarely at rest, and has been a special guest speaker at conventions and live events as well as for newspapers, books, magazines, blogs, and webcasts.


Sound Engineering & Recording

Craig worked in the Silicon Valley's computer industry for two decades before devoting his varied skills to sound engineering for music and production. His most notable positions have been on the development teams at Apple Computer, Inc. (including the Mac OS), Digidesign Inc. (a division of Avid Technology), working on their industry-leading ProTools digital audio workstation (DAW), and most recently at Adobe Systems, Inc. (Acrobat, Photoshop Album/Elements, and the SVG Viewer web browser plug-in). He is also a musician of over years.

Craig is at home on either side of the mixing board. His expertise with regards to software, especially as it relates to post-production sound sweetening and sound design, is an incredibly important part of the Chronokinesis team.

Please see Craig's Sound Design and Scoring Reel and his IMDB page for for more info.


Extended Team

Camera Op and Photography

Jasmine was raised in Sydney Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga majoring in Screen and Stage, and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a camera operator/videographer who shoots runway and backstage for fashion weeks around the world as well as working on documentaries, commercials and events.

Jasmine is also an established photographer. She has shot two books for the Eat Naked nutrition brand and has had her work shown at a juried exhibit at the 2011 Filter Photo Festival in Chicago. She has also photographed for AFI (American Film Institute Festival), for high end restaurants, food catering services, locals artists and designers in LA. In the summer Jasmine teaches photography classes to teenagers at the Los Angeles Centre of Photography (formally known as Julia Dean Photo Workshops). Jasmine is an associate member of the SOC (Society of Camera Operators) and an active member of the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society).

Please see JasmineLord.com for further information.


PA and Set Photography

A new and reliable member of the Chronokinesis team. Cian has shown initiative in getting great behind-the-scenes photos during shoots and is right there to lend a hand whenever needed. In addition, he has been extremely helpful as his mom's personal assistant, especially when emergency texts need to be sent while on the freeway. When not watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, he loves to shred, Yngwie Malmsteen-style, on his Ibanez JS100 Joe Satriani model guitar, and destroy as many things as possible in various video games.

Please see his IMDb page for further information.


Costume Design

Jozef is an American designer born in Hollywood, FL with a strong Hungarian and Peruvian cultural background. He brings both ready to wear and fantasy styles together in an elegant collaboration to fashion through his designs.

As a child, he wanted to convert his fictitious superhero clothes and costumes into reality, which was his first inspiration in the world of fashion and costume design. This inspiration would bring this designer the urge to set a statement and difference in his life and those around him.

Please see JozsefAlor.com for further information.